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Optimum athletic performance and recovery should be easily available to every athlete without emptying their wallet. We’ve set out to change the fitness industry with an easy to follow macronutrient calculator and meal planner; eliminating the templates, spreadsheets, endless hours logging meals and doing math or worse, guessing.


Macronutrient totals provided for the day and each individual meal based on your personal information; age, height, weight and daily activity/training.

Set your daily meal plan for a light, moderate or heavy workload. Rest day? We have a meal plan for that too!

Your meal schedule adjusts to your workout intensity & training time.



Find yourself forgetting to eat breakfast? Set up a meal notification to remind you. Set up customized meal notifications for the meals you tend to forget about. The Carb Cycling app lets you choose the meals you would like to be reminded to eat that way you wont have a bunch of unneccessary notifications on your mobile device. 

The Carb Cycle Pro upgrade offers you the ability to dial in your macros with adjustable protein, carbohydrate, and caloric intake to further customize your meal plan. This leaves you more in control and allows you to experiment with different ratios to see what works best for you.  


Easy to follow meal-by-meal plan for each day. Precise macros to the gram help you stay on track, fuel your workouts and reach your goals. 

Maintain your ideal weight (included in Free Version) or upgrade to utilize four other phases - basic cut, advanced cut, basic bulk and an advanced bulk, for a one time purchase of $10! 

Reach your goals, stay strong and fit year round! 


Need images? We have an assortment of screenshots, phone mockups and lifestyle images for your use, just let us know which platform you need. Send file requests to