Weightlifting Hypertrophy Template

Weightlifting Hypertrophy Template

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If you want increased muscle size and a strong foundation to build on, the Weightlifting Hypertrophy Template is for you. This program is designed for general physical preparedness (GPP) and is comprised of high rep/high volume training at moderate to high-moderate loads. This is a great foundational lifting phase to any strength training phase that should follow this micro-cycle of training. This is a 5 week training block with a built-in deload on the 5th week of the cycle.

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  • A Microsoft Excel Workbook to track and monitor progress.

  • A beautiful chart to visualize your results. It displays average weekly volume and training intensity in a beautiful hybrid Bar/Line Chart.

  • Links to videos for exercise demonstrations of each new movement introduced in the training cycle.

  • Fully printable worksheets so you can take the template with you to the gym. You can also access this using Office 365 on any Android or iOS device if you have an Office 365 account.

  • This template will automatically calculate how much you need to lift as a percentage of your 1 rep max lifts (when it applies).

  • This template reminds you of how much you lifted last week on the accessory exercises in the program notes so you won’t need to flip back and forth between weeks.

  • Do you lift with kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs)? This template is compatible with either (kg) or (lbs).

  • An Athlete Notes section so you can record how you felt on any given day, how you ate, whether the reps were easy or hard, etc.